International Award for S. Naumoski

Simon Naumoski, president of the Board of Directors of F.I. Vitaminka is the winner of the Gold Certificate of honour for Best European Manager and the Life Achievement in Management and Business award. The award was issued by the Regional Agency for selection and promotion of the most successful businessmen and companies in the Southeast and Central Europe region, the European Association of managers and the Euromanager magazine.
The award is of great significance to me since it arrives from regional authority with high criteria and because it coincides with the celebration of 60 years of successful operation of Vitaminka. The simultaneous occurrence of these two events is not a mere coincidence, the very reason for this award is the status that the company enjoys at present and all that this Macedonian brand represents for the food industry both in the country and the region. To be elected among all those fine, prominent managers and top professionals is a great honor as well – declared Simon Naumoski, president of the Board of Directors on the occasion of receiving the award.
Simon Naumoski was first assigned the position of a manager in Vitaminka in 1974 when the company was more renown as Factory for pepper, producing its sole product – ground red pepper. Throughout the forty two years of its existence, he has succeeded in taking Vitaminka throughout the most difficult and most challenging periods and raising it to the level of market leader in the food and confectionary industry.
According to the organizer of this prestigious event, these awards and recognitions are necessary because they aspire to change the system of values, where the most recognized and most esteemed are those who contribute to the development of the economy and create new values. The event was held for the 34th time and represents an important and relevant valorization body of business results and manager skills in the business world of this region. This year, more than a thousand managers and companies from all business spheres were nominated for this prestigious award in ten different categories, and only twenty two of them received the recognition as most deserving.

New - Stobi Fips MAGNUS

The new Stobi Flips from Vitaminka contains 30 percent peanuts, it is crunchier, larger in shape and weighs extra grams.

Vitaminka at Food Expo in Athens

Vitaminka presented the complete product assortment including its strongest brands on a large exhibition stand for the first time at the Food expo fair in Athens.

Students from Holland in Vitaminka

Students from the University of Getide from Holland visited “Vitaminka”.