"Vitaminka" in Shangai

At the latest International food products trade fair SIAL, held in the Chinese administrative and economic capital Shanghai, "Vitaminka" presented many of its products.
The young but successful Macedonian model Elena Shahinova, who has been working in Shanghai for several years as the face of Victoria's Secret in China, also took part in the promoting of the largest Macedonian confectionary producer in China.
"Vitaminka"s entrance on the Chinese market is of exceptional significance for the global expantion of the company and of our brands. Additionally, this world economic centar includes premium worldwide brands and if you are able to succeed there, it means that you really have a fully established product, featuring quality, recognition and identity. Therefore, the meaning of this success i.e. to be noticed and sought-after in such an enormous surrounding is very big achievement and can be only measured by the size of this country.
After only one day of presentation, products of "Vitaminka" became recognizable immediately. On the second day, our exhibition stand was already visited en masse by the local residents. According to their reactions, the citizens of Shanghai also recognize true quality and unique taste. Integral biscuits "Despina" and the most powerful Macedonian brand "Stobi Flips" caught their attention the most.

New - Stobi Fips MAGNUS

The new Stobi Flips from Vitaminka contains 30 percent peanuts, it is crunchier, larger in shape and weighs extra grams.

Vitaminka at Food Expo in Athens

Vitaminka presented the complete product assortment including its strongest brands on a large exhibition stand for the first time at the Food expo fair in Athens.

Students from Holland in Vitaminka

Students from the University of Getide from Holland visited “Vitaminka”.