Vitaminka sponsored MKS

Vitaminka was the Platinum Sponsor of the greatest marketing event in Macedonia which took place on the 30th September this year.
Marketing Kingdom Skopje was the first event in Macedonia to incorporate interactive presentations from the world marketing experts from Shazam, Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Visit Britain, Coca-Cola, SAP and VISA, as well as former Chief of Staff to Princess Diana, Patrick Jephson, and Mary Jo Jacobi, the only business person in the world to have worked for two Presidents of the USA, the Queen and the Prime Minister of the UK and the person who was appointed by Obama himself to handle the crisis at BP America during the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. 
The first Marketing Kingdom Skopje was marked by the presence of twelve leading experts in the field of marketing and modern communication, more than 250 delegates from the country and from Serbia, Croatia, Albania and Kosovo, as well as by the great interest shown by local marketing and PR experts and students.
Apart from sponsoring, Vitaminka was also a part of the event with the presence of a team of employees from the departments of Domestic Market, Export, Purchasing and Marketing.
It has been a great honor and pleasure to support an educational event of this sort where we had as our guest lecturers some of the biggest names in marketing from different sectors and industries. At the same time, the Platinum Sponsor of MKS status to us means continuous support for current trends and tendencies in the field of communications.  

New - Stobi Fips MAGNUS

The new Stobi Flips from Vitaminka contains 30 percent peanuts, it is crunchier, larger in shape and weighs extra grams.

Vitaminka at Food Expo in Athens

Vitaminka presented the complete product assortment including its strongest brands on a large exhibition stand for the first time at the Food expo fair in Athens.

Students from Holland in Vitaminka

Students from the University of Getide from Holland visited “Vitaminka”.