Vitaminka’s latest investments

A new production line for chocolate products and new warehouse are Vitaminka’s latest investments, financed by a two-million-euros credit line granted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
Vitaminka is specialized in production of confectionary chocolate and snack products. Forty five percent of our production is aimed for export, predominantly for the markets in Serbia, Monte Negro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Kosovo, Australia etc.
Vitaminka does not only rely on its previous accomplishments, it also continues to expand, invest in new production lines and searches for new foreign markets. It is our great pleasure and we are especially proud to be a part of this successful story. One of the main causes of EBRD’s business model is providing help and motivating competitiveness in companies such as yours. To grant a loan to this successful company is almost as satisfying as tasting one of its dainty chocolates – states Miljan Zdrale, Head of the Department for agro-business for Central and Southeast Europe at EBRD.
According to Anka Joana Joanesku, representative of EBRD’s Offices for Macedonia, signing this loan is a testament to the support that EBRD gives to Macedonian economy and the trust the Bank places in the potential that Macedonian companies have to offer.
For Vitaminka, this investment is one step ahead on the path to pursuing its goals. A valuable contribution to a company’s growth is the constant investment in new equipment. This certainly means investing in the perpetual improvement of the products’ quality. In a world of innovations, where things are in a state of flux, it is very important to take part in these changes - asserts Chief Executive of Vitaminka, Sasho Naumoski and adds that in this way, the company will increase its production capacity and enhance the prospects of placing its products on the foreign market.
As yet, EBRD has granted loans in the total amount of 9.5 million euros which Vitaminka used to finance its investment program that includes purchase of new energy efficient production lines, packaging equipment and modification of the production capacities. EBRD is also considering the option of approving additional loan of four million euros that will be used to finance the product lines for chocolate and soft cakes. Since the beginning of their involvement in Macedonia in 1993, EBRD has invested 1.65 billion euros in over a hundred projects in the country.

New - Stobi Fips MAGNUS

The new Stobi Flips from Vitaminka contains 30 percent peanuts, it is crunchier, larger in shape and weighs extra grams.

Vitaminka at Food Expo in Athens

Vitaminka presented the complete product assortment including its strongest brands on a large exhibition stand for the first time at the Food expo fair in Athens.

Students from Holland in Vitaminka

Students from the University of Getide from Holland visited “Vitaminka”.