Bonitas chicken flavored

The interesting 3D shapes and the great taste make Bonitas chicken flavored irresistible for all generation. Moons, stars and circles with chicken flavor are a great choice whether it is a short walk or party with your friends. 
  • Ingredients
    Potato starch, dehydrated potato, rice flour, wheat flour, sunflower oil, salt, pepper plant extract, curcuma, chicken flavor: (lactose, wheat flour, salt, sugar, onion, potato maltodextrin, spices, potassium phosphate, silicon dioxide, pepper plant extract, citric acid). The product contains wheat flour (gluten) and lactose.
  • Nutritional value
    per 100 g
    Energy - 2056 kJ/490 kcal
    Protein – 3,5 g
    Total Carbohydrates - 63 g
    Sugars – 0,6 g
    Fat - 29 g
    Dietary fiber – 1,9 g
    Sodium - 1,3 g
    Per 30g
    Energy - 617 kJ/147 kcal
    Protein - 1,1 g
    Total Carbohydrates - 17 g
    Sugars – 0,2 g
    Fat – 8,7 g
    Dietary fiber – 0,6 g
    Sodium – 0,4 g